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Keeping Life & The Faith At The Heart of What We Do.

“If you are a Muslim medical practitioner, this is the one program you must attend, it really is a matter of life and death.”

The position of a doctor is one of enormous trust and respect. The position of a Muslim doctor is one that is even more heightened, as knowingly or unknowingly you will carry the responsibility of major issues of permissibly for the patients you serve. This is especially the case for your Muslim patients, who in your duty of care, place an enormous trust on the decision that affect their health and life and as such, hereafter.

MediMentor is a 12 month flexible study program designed to empower you with the foundation knowledge you need to be able to successfully navigate your career with decision that are acceptable to Allah. Now, you maybe thinking, how does your faith effect your clinical decisions?

Consider the following issues and then ask yourself could there be a Fiq position for this on a second consideration?

  • Facilitating an abortion?
  • Signing a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ order?
  • Advising to switch of life support?
  • Taking an organ transplant from a pig?
  • Ensuring a burial for an amputated limb?

MediMentor, is a program designed to help you identify if the issue at hand is something that has an Islamic juristic position or not, and then the best way to arrive at an acceptable position.